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Gift CardsUpdated 5 months ago

Your Gift Card will be emailed straight to your inbox shortly after purchase, so no need to wait for delivery if you're in need of a quick gift.  In your Gift Card email, you'll find a link to a long number. Enter this at the checkout when you want to use it to pay, and you're good to go - you can even use it with discount codes.

Pop a gift card in your basket by clicking here.

Returning goods when paid with a Gift Card

If you're using a gift card to pay for your order, but it doesn't cover the full amount, you can use another payment method (or gift card) to pay the remaining balance.  If you need to return all or part of your order, the gift card will be the first payment type to receive any refund amount.  If the whole order is returned, the original balance of the gift card will be credited, and the remaining to the other payment type.

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